Education Services

Parenting Class

Parenting class will teach practical parenting skills and provide the tools that will assist in the growth and development of children in a healthy way. These classes also teach skills that help parents develop and maintain positive relationships with their children.


The Life Skill class at ARM teaches critical thinking skills, how to communicate effectively while developing healthy relationships, and ways to develop a positive self-image.  This class provides tools that allow for responsible and informed choices that lead to a healthy and productive lifestyle. 

Anger Management

Involvement in the anger management group helps one to identify what “normal” anger is and learn practical anger management skills.  Behavioral skills are taught that allow for a way of thinking in order to cope with anger in a productive and healthy way.

Marijuana Education

Our Marijuana Education Class will provide you with information you may not be aware of. Marijuana is a drug and can cause lasting effects on your physical and mental well-being.  This class helps individuals to understand the risks and dangers of drug usage.  Did you know marijuana causes paranoia and psychosis and can drive you to commit violent crimes? The answer to this questions and others will be covered.


The ARM Anti-Theft class is fun, engaging and informative.  This class is for anyone who finds it difficult to stop this negative behavior.  Included will be practical training information, lectures, homework and peer counseling. Also, the class has been designed to meet the requirements of the courts.


Our discussion-based groups focus on personal change to end abusive behavior. ARM's Battering Intervention and Prevention Program (BIPP) groups give you the tools to end abuse, whether it's physical, verbal, or emotional. Let ARM help you become the best parent, partner, and person you can be. Join us and break the cycle.​​

ARM's fully-accredited BIPP provides educational services to men and women who have been violent, abusive, and/or controlling in their intimate partner and/or family relationships. There are four phases to BIPP.