Our Program

Primary Care

Primary Care is a six-month comprehensive residential care program based on a Christ-Centered 12-Step Recovery curriculum. Primary Care incorporates intensive Bible Study, Job Readiness, Character Development, and Life Management Skills components into its therapeutic recovery program. Outside activities are limited during the first four months of Primary Care treatment.

After Care

Aftercare is an optional six-month program offered to participants who have successfully completed Primary Care. Aftercare provides individuals with the opportunity to slowly transition back into their communities. While in Aftercare, participants continue to receive residential services as they seek and obtain employment and attend outside AA/NA meetings. In addition, Aftercare incorporates two additional components of Money Management and Social Skills Enrichment.

Relapse Intervention 

Relapse Intervention is designed for individuals who have suffered a relapse in their recovery after completing Primary Care. Relapse Intervention is a flexible term residential program which helps participants to assess the reasons for their relapse and reinforce skills gained during Primary Care treatment. Participants in Relapse Intervention must establish new objectives and goals and develop a relapse prevention plan to successfully aid their road to recovery.