Where is ARM Dallas Located?

Our faith-based facility is located in Dallas, Texas near Golden Gate Missionary Baptist. Our address is 1128 Reverend CBT Smith St, Dallas, TX 75203

What Is the Admissions Process at ARM Dallas?

Our admissions process is thorough yet painless. We will evaluate your addiction or mental health disorder, discuss payment, and, finally, decide on the best form of treatment for you and your needs. 

Is ARM Dallas a Non-Profit Organization?

Yes! As a non-profit organization, we very much appreciate donations and volunteer work. To get a better idea of some resources ARM Dallas is always in need of, check out our “Donate” page. 

What Sets ARM Dallas Apart?

Our dedication to faith-based healing. We use God’s provided resources to help those struggling with substance addiction, mental health disorders, and dual diagnosis. Our programs follow the Lord’s example—helping those in need and treating everybody with compassion. 

How Long Does Long-Term Rehab Last?

Long-term rehab can last up to 6 months. Research shows that this type of rehab is the most effective recovery program for those struggling with substance addiction. 

What Is a Transitional Living Program and Where Would I Be Staying During it?

Transitional living refers to the time spent at a sober living home after your treatment program concludes. It gives you time to adjust to your new life of sobriety while establishing a support network of fellow residents. Our transitional living services connect you with safe, sober housing. 

Does ARM Dallas Offer Career Services?

Absolutely. We know that pursuing work after treatment can be challenging. Our life skills classes will help you come up with a plan to re-enter the workforce successfully. 

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    ARM Dallas is devoted to healing those struggling with addiction, mental health disorders, and dual diagnosis through faith-based treatment and unwavering support.

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