We want our admissions process to go as smoothly as possible, so we keep it simple and efficient. Pursuing treatment can be overwhelming enough, and we want to make sure clients understand every part of the process—that’s why we take it one step at a time. 


The first step in the admissions process is evaluation. We will ask you more about your lifestyle, your history, and your needs. This will help us to understand your addiction, struggle with mental illness, and/or dual diagnosis on a deeper level. We will also discuss a proposed treatment plan to see what will work best for you. 


After assessment, we will reach out to set up an in-person screening with at our facility. During this time a staff member will review the information obtained during assessment to determine if you will be admitted or referred to another treatment center.


Once approved, we will work with you to decide on an admission date. Then, we will conduct an orientation so you can get familiar with our facility and procedures while we become even more familiar with you. 

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      ARM Dallas is devoted to healing those struggling with addiction, mental health disorders, and dual diagnosis through faith-based treatment and unwavering support.

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