My Story – Archie Minnieweather

“Abba, God the father’s love for me, compels me to be a better disciple”

Archie says his journey through recovery is a love story. Almost 13 years ago, his sister loved him enough to bring him to ARM ministry. At the time Archie believed there was no hope left for him; God had turned his back on him. Archie had been to 4 rehabilitation centers before coming to ARM ministry. Each time he would get clean. Each time he would stay clean for a little bit longer. And each time he would eventually relapse into his meth addiction. When Archie arrived at ARM, he was defeated, ashamed, and spiritually empty.

As a client of ARM ministry, Archie got back to the basics of learning who Jesus is through the Christ-centered 12 step program. He developed a personal relationship with God and learned to view himself how God sees him instead of how he saw himself. Archie credits the transparency and authenticity of ARM’s director, Obie Bussey, as well as the program mentors and volunteers to show that God loves unconditionally. “I don’t have to be perfect. The Christian without a spot or blemish. God’s love and grace encourages me to continue on my path.” 

“Today and everyday, I long for his presence. I now understand, I’m more than a sinner, I am a child of God”

Highlighting Dwayne Nelson!

Dwayne Nelson was born in St. Louis, Missouri and raised in Dallas, Texas. He graduated from Kimball high school in 1992 and went on to further his education at Utah State University where he received his Bachelors of Sociology.
Dwayne is an energetic, ambitious, and generous person who takes on any task that he is given with precision.

He is a proud father of two, a son who is 27 years old and a 5-year-old daughter that he adores. Dwayne works very well with others, and he enjoys taking the lead and helping whenever he is needed.

For the past 20 years Dewayne has struggled with addiction. Dwayne stated, “I have achieved many accomplishments in my life; however, I have very little to show for them”. Dwayne’s hopes and prayers are that the ARM program helps him to put his life back on track, and he is focusing on growing a fruitful relationship with Jesus Christ that will restore him back to sanity.

A Salute to Our Health Care Hero- Dr. Sheryl Cowan

ARM would like to acknowledge a Health Care Hero who is very near and dear to our hearts, Dr. Sheryl Cowan. Dr. Cowan donated 3 digital thermometers to our facility! During these difficult times it is a struggle to get the supplies that are needed from day to day. Dr. Cowan, thank you for the supplies and the generous monetary donation, you are truly appreciated!

Family Weekends!

We are pleased to announce that here at ARM we have lifted our visitation restrictions. Family and friends will be allowed visitation every other Saturday in the park area between the hours of 9:30am -11:30am & 1:00pm – 2:30pm.  

Our visitation rules are as follows:

  • You must wear a mask while in the facility.  If you do not have a mask, one will be provided for you
  • Temperature checks will be required from all visitors upon arrival
  • Our designated visiting areas are the park and the rear of the Gatehouse
  • Please be advised masks are required to be worn at all times during visitation, by both clients and visitors including in the park area.

ARM is Open and Accepting New Clients!

The health and safety of our clients and our employees is our top priority.

– Obie Bussey, Program Director

We are excited to inform you that ARM is currently accepting new clients.  We have also updated safety measures in accordance to CDC recommendations to ensure the health and safety of our clients.

  • New clients will be screened to confirm they do not have any flu like symptoms
  • Temperatures will be checked at arrival
  • There will be a brief overview of the CDC guidelines during the intake process  

We are happy that we can continue what we enjoy doing, serving the community!

Our response to COVID-19 – “Flattening the Curve”

Here at the Gatehouse we are “Flattening the Curve” and practicing social distancing!

We will be doing our classes via Zoom and Facebook Live! Please join us for an interactive good time while we continue to help others during these trying times.

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